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How to Establish a Consistent Nonprofit Brand Without Being a Graphic Designer

This free mini-course dives deep into how to set up story pillars for your nonprofit and build trust with your audience. Worksheets and freebies are included so you can complete the exercise along with the video or with your team.

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After just 38 minutes, you'll be able to:

Challenge the biggest myth that may be keeping your brand inconsistent.

Establish 5 story pillars that will revolutionize your nonprofit's strategy and storytelling.

Align all the pieces of your nonprofit's brand with clarity and consistency.

Meet your instructor: Lauren Atherton

I help nonprofits confidently build their brand with consistency and confidence. I spent over a decade in the creative industry as an art director in an advertising agency, brand designer in-house at tech companies and even Fortune 200’s before setting out on my own to start HeartSpark Design – a branding agency dedicated to helping nonprofits build brag-worthy brands. 

Access the Free Mini-Course!